Safety Assessments

FREE On-site Initial Assessment

Address your most pressing security concerns and identify inexpensive things you can do now to increase your security.

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Are you sure you know where your blind spots are?

After your FREE initial assessment, we can schedule a full annual assessment for a complete safety and security report that will identify areas to address that will need ongoing attention. We’ll point out ways to compound the effects of your security efforts and make sure you stay current on all governmental regulations, local, state and federal.

Active Shooter

Learn the latest recommendations and keep your staff trained in what can be done to prevent or respond to an active threat


Combining natural and electronic surveillance will increase the likelihood you'll identify threats before sensitive areas are reached

Disaster Response

Having current actions plan for natural disasters or the aftermath of a security breach can save lives and prevent injuries

Environmental Hazards

What procedures are in place to address hazards that aren't as easy seen as others?

Access Control

Managing who, where, when and how of the different parts of you facility is paramount in understanding your level of safety

Crowd Management

Learning to strategically move people about your campus creates an atmosphere of stability and leave personnel feeling secure.


Not all facilities are the same. Your staff and students deserve custom solutions catered the intricacies of your campus

Disease Control

Preventive controls in conjunction with swift reactionary measures can ensure that any adverse effects are quickly minimized

  • Active Shooter
  • Surveillance
  • Disaster Response
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Access Control
  • Crowd Management
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Disease Control

Recommendations and Implementaion

Once we complete the full assessment of your campus, we will present our findings and recommendations. Then we will work with you in implementing new practices and procedures, as well as refining those that you already have in place. In consideration of items that are one-time expenses (5 years or longer) and items that are on an ongoing basis weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, we will:



  • Identify areas that you are proficient in
  • List items that are free to under $100 to implement
  • Prioritize security and safety needs by criticality
  • Design a strategy based on your expressed immediate and annual budget
  • Quote implementing the solutions for you, partially or fully

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